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4Minute’s Gayoon Appears in Fashion Shoot for NYLON

4Minute’s Gayoon has taken part in a fashion shoot to appear in March’s edition of fashion magazine “NYLON”, modelling four different styles of Spring makeup as the Northern hemisphere bids goodbye to Winter.

Gayoon’s makeup was done in bright hues to display the Spring concept. Most vivid were her green eyebrows which, for such a small touch, appeared to alter her entire look. Gayoon revealed, “This is the first time I’ve participated in a solo fashion shoot. Even though it was a little difficult and unfamiliar, I understand a lot more about makeup now and it was very interesting.” Despite the busy ongoing promotions for 4Minute’s subgroup “2Yoon”, Gayoon was said to have worked hard from the early hours in the morning.

2Yoon will formally wrap up their promotions for “24/7” next week, while the entire 4Minute group will hold a fan meeting in Yokohama on the 21st of February.

By: Jeon Ah Ram


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